radioactive unicorn is not designed for the normal nail polish users, this shit right here if for the strange, the whimsical, the misunderstood, the black sheep, the tattooed babe, the retro doll, the goth, the witch, the freaks and the people who downright love being themselves. this is for you,... this is for US.

this is a movement, this is a statement, this is a feeling, this is for the love of being different.


Hey guys! so i thought i would add some FAQ'S so you unicorns can get your questions answered a little more quickly. 

how long will delivery take?

we make everything in house before we make it available online so the shipping time is at a minimum ( we want you to have your sparkles ASAP) so expect to receive your order within 4-7 days if it has been longer than this please let us know as it may have been lost in the post.

 how should i care for my polish?

easy peasy!, keep it out of direct sunlight and dont keep it anywhere to hot or too cold, just room temperature, feel free to put your beauties on display as long as they're out the sun, with our glitter contact being so high you may find they become a little stiff after time, this is fine dont panic, they can often be saved from dropping a little bit of polish thinner or nail polish remover in the bottle and giving it a good roll in your hands to loosen it back up, but always remember to do the lid up nice and tight to prevent air getting to the product.

why are your shipping charges so high for outside the uk? 

we hate that our shipping charges are so high but unfortunately as the product is classed as a toxic good we have to pay a higher shipping charge by a very specific company so we cannot use our royal mail service, this price does not include taxes, customs charges packaging materials or its fuel surcharge those are all covered by ourselves to try and keep these down as much as we can. 

i ordered through love pollution i have questions about my order

unfortunately we cannot help with this, it would be best to contact love pollution directly.

are all your products cruelty free and vegan?

yes! we are super proud of ourselves for making this happen, nothing we have is tested on animals or ever will be. nothing of our products contains any animal products at all!

do you supply wholesale?

we do indeed we would love to supply your online store or shop space! email us directly at pinkerbell@live.co.uk and we can have a chat about it.